Bringing Customer Service Back to the Pool Industry

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Hasbrouck pool and spa sells everything you need for your pool and spa as well as provides many services.

  • Pool opening

  • Closing

  • Repair of all pool and spa components

  • Weekly service

  • Safety covers

  • Automatic covers

  • Automatic pool cleaners

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Pool and spa parts online


We are not your mom and dad’s pool company—our team of pool professionals can give you a different experience in both customer care and product caliber. With decades of experience and complete dedication to your satisfaction, Hasbrouck Pool and Spa, INC. has the expertise to provide you with the pool or spa of your dreams, without any undue stress and hassle on your part.

Looking for part and supplies? Shop our wide variety of parts and supplies

Jeffrey And Dianne R

"We Certainly Appreciate all the services you provide in addition to keeping our pool so sparkling clean!"

Beverly L

"Hasbrouck pool and spa does a great job with all our pool needs year after year."

Carol D

"Excellent customer service!"