• Pool opening
  • Closing
  • Repair of all pool and spa components
  • Weekly service
  • Safety covers
  • Automatic covers
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pool and spa parts online

Complete and High-Quality Pool Services and Renovations

When you hire Hasbrouck Pool and Spa, INC. in Valley Forge, PA, you can look forward to high-quality pool and spa services, as well as unprecedented customer care. With our expertise, we’ll be able to quickly and efficiently provide the services that you require.


Those who are experiencing problems with their pre-existing pools can rest easy if we’re on the case. Our team is highly capable not only of leak detection but also of pool renovations and maintenance. With our pool/spa weekly services, we will make sure that your swimming pool is always in tip-top shape. We can even help protect your pool during the cold winter months by winterizing it.

In addition, we sell pool and spa parts, equipment, and chemicals sourced directly from quality manufacturers in the industry. Buy from us, and you’re sure to get the highest quality products.

When you need your pool’s plumbing fixed or want a hot tub installed, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the finest pool services and products that the industry has to offer, look no further than Hasbrouck Pool and Spa, INC. in Valley Forge, PA. We can meet all of your pool and spa needs, from installations to much-needed pool parts.

WE have a relationship with the top manufacturers in the industry. All products we supply are of the highest quality.

We are not your mom and dad’s pool company—our team of pool professionals can give you a different experience in both customer care and product caliber. With decades of experience and complete dedication to your satisfaction, Hasbrouck Pool and Spa, INC. has the expertise to provide you with a level of customer care unmatched in the pool industry.